Saturday, 18 August 2012

Your're A Rockstar

Duty at tower were spent listening to Ingrid Michaelson, my singer-songwriter crush whose concert I won't be able to attend because I have to shoot down some targets on September 11. How inauspicious is that? To go for my second year range on the anniversary the world changed for good. Doing duty with S also meant that we would be spending money despite being separated by a body of water to the nearest mall because we would be buying everything, from buffet vouchers to cupcake deals, online. We would also be complaining about life in general, and especially about commanders who do not have any backbone you wonder how the SAF actually runs itself.

We're able to book out today so I met up with E and A with the intention of heading to the Rockstar sale. In the end, it was too crowded, because (a) E managed to scout the location first and (b) there was that announcement over their facebook page stating that they were no longer accepting people into the building, even those queueing. So, as usual, the three of us always gets lost whenever we're in the car together which then resulted in screams, and shouts and laughter filling up the car with each of us blaming the other for missing said exit or turn.

Yes, that is a dolphin!

We ended up at Ikea where I bought a bowl and a plate for my personal use because they were just too pretty. I also got the dvd box in dark pink because HMV is having a sale and it's a good time to stock up on those good movies where you have to have a physical copy despite already owning a digital copy and also despite having seen the movie like, five times. I then came home to new bedsheets(yeay!), but they're blue(nay!). I was expecting a purple one or a red one and this just seems too different. Ikea is like filled with so much goodies like those pretty carnation flowers I swear I'm going to get them next year to put inside my dorm room and there is nothing that K, my future confirmed roommate, can ever do about it. 

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