Monday, 13 August 2012


I attended an event today where we celebrated the batch of military personnel who have finished their cycle of duty. It wasn't an official luncheon, but a small gathering where people just come together, have food sponsored by those on the cusp of freedom, and basically just chill. Midway through the gathering, alcohol was brought to the table and it became a sort of frat party, where people who couldn't hold their liquor got really drunk. There were stupid games played and it was a night that truly showed that no matter how mature one appears to be, boys will always be boys.

Before the gathering, S and me actually went to watch Magic Mike. It was the only movie available at that time and there was a good offer where 2 movie tickets were the price of one, so we took the plunge and watched a movie about male strippers. It wasn't an outright gratuitous parade of flesh yet it was not gritty enough to be considered an indie gem. We then met up with J and watched Brave together, which was just uplifting and wonderful and perfect that it makes you forget about the current state of the world we're living in today. I am what one might consider to be a film hoarder and I think it's absolutely reasonable to be watching two, or even three movies at the cinema on the same day.

Recently, I find it heartwarming that people view me as someone whom they could talk to and reveal their thoughts without ever feeling like they're being judged, be it if whatever they're doing is wrong or right. It's taken a little bit of effort on my part over the past year to really remind myself that I'm in no position to outrightly voice out my displeasure or judgements, so to have people confide in me about things that others are not in the loop about; it sort of serves as a validation on this little thing that I've been working to improve upon.

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