Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

I watched Moonrise Kingdom together with A after my base run since the both of us have yet to watch the film. Wes Anderson is a genius I actually worship the ground that he steps on. The first movie of his that I watched was The Royal Tenembaums when I was in primary school after sneaking out of bed to watch the television. When you are a nine year old kid, things that appeal to you will forever be tucked away as a fragment of something perfect and pure and you carry it around for life and the same can be said about what Wes Anderson's films are to me.

I know that there are some friends that really do not like his movies, or even worse, have not even heard of him and I try my best not to judge but how can I not judge when this is about one of my favourite filmmakers, right up there with Woody Allen. I admit that his films have a very specific aesthetic to it and people may find it repetitive but that's precisely the reason I lap it up every single time. Fantastic Mr. Fox was utterly brilliant I weep for those people who've yet to watch it. But enough of my adulation for Wes Anderson.

Because the both of us were fasting, we were just wandering around the mall trying to fill the time by going to the bookstore and browsing books and then leaving before repeating the process all over again. I actually exclaimed to A that "WE ARE UTTERLY LOST AND AIMLESS WITHOUT ANY FOOD!" You see, A and I, we usually have good food and then Starbucks every time we go out, so it seems a bit weird to have to deviate from the normal routine that we were both lost for a second. And then we did what any normal person would do; sit down at a bench and talk.

What happened after the movie was that the both of us weren't planning to have dinner together but we did go to the supermarket to store up goodies and to our great surprise there was a British confection stand that was filled with all these limited edition items we just grabbed a basket and forgot about sugar levels and cavities and diabetes and paid for everything.

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