Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Baking Bug

I love to bake. It's been something that I've done since secondary school. My mom was surprised when I first started baking, because she doesn't bake and my sister doesn't bake. It's something that I picked up on my own, watching the television with my grandmother and looking at my aunt prepare delicious cakes and cookies. Baking is therapeutic for me, and I try to do it whenever I'm free. However, with my current schedule, baking has long taken a backseat and the last time I did some serious baking was when I was in junior college.

However, browsing through blogs dedicated to baking and cooking has somewhat fueled the fire in me to start baking again. Not right now, but within a month or two, when I can specifically bake stuff for gatherings with friends. Gatherings now have to be planned weeks in advance. Everyone is busy with commitments and no longer is it like it used to be, when you can ring up your friend and meet up for a movie or coffee. It used to be so easy back when we were all in school. Even with the heavy workload, meeting up and going out is the way in which we all de-stress from schoolwork. But alas, change is upon us and change is good.

I love Crepes Of Wrath for her recipes because she makes everything so crystal clear that you'd have to be an idiot to still abhor baking because you think that its too complicated. Her photographs are delightfully wonderful and brimming with colour and so perfect I just salivate whenever I'm on her blog.

1. Cherry Pie Crumble Bars
2. Mocha Muffin
3. Red Velvet Brownies
4. Blueberry Cobbler

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