Monday, 13 August 2012

Fine And Dandy And Real

The Wedding Dress: 200 Years of Wedding Fashion from the Victoria & Albert Museum, London
I finally got down to editing the photos that I've taken at the exhibition I went to last week with J. It's wonderful and satisfying to be able to reflect upon these beautiful creations and to take a closer look at them. The craftsmanship is just ridiculously good and these timeless babies have withstood the test of time. Brides nowadays continue to look back to find inspiration from them, and some may even be wearing the real vintage, heirloom pieces as well.

Looking at these gowns, one can get lost in the grandeur and the fine and dandy aspects of life quite easily. Who wouldn't want to forget about real life for a second. Unfortunately for me, I was listening to the radio the same time as I'm editing these photos and the news segment reported the finding of the body of the lost national serviceman in Brunei. It's quite sad to think that a young man has lost his life, all alone in the jungle, not having seen his family or been home at all since the past year. I may not know him personally but a death is still a loss, and to think that he died for the military, that's just beyond belief.

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