Thursday, 14 March 2013

Zombie With A Heartbeat

It definitely seems like I'm on a one man mission to single-handedly fill up the movie theatres because I've been to the cinema thrice this week. This is what happens when you are free, don't have a job, and not actively searching for one. I am literally part of the statistics of an economic model.

Warm Bodies is a nice teen drama that deals with impossible love at its very core. Can one person really change when they meet the right 'one'? At what lengths would you endanger yourself just to prove that this feeling you have is more than just infatuation or even lust? And how willing are you to forget a person's past, in order for you to move along in a relationship?

But of course, none of those questions were really the basis for the movie. I just thought about it as the film was churning along because as they say, once a Literature student, always a Literature student. I was trying to find meaning behind the actions and the scenes because it's the very least I could do since the movie was pretty surfacial across all factions. That's not to say it was bad.

It definitely appealed to the target audience, and it had nice tender moments but I never was able to shake off the feeling that I've seen something like this before. It can't be helped that each time I see Teresa Palmer, all I kept repeating in my head was that she was in The Sorcerer's Apprentice and I Am Number Four.

And something totally unrelated, but I found out today is Pi Day. There is actually a day that people set aside to commemorate something as insignificant as this mathematical term that was the bane of my existence. But anyhows, I thought it'd be fun to have some shepherd's pie for dinner as a nod to this kitschy 'holiday' because why the hell not.

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